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Indoor Positioning System

High precision indoor location, tracking and navigation system for motion analysis.

How does it work Budget

BATTO IPS is an indoor location, tracking and navigation system

It allows real-time location of people and goods with an accuracy of up to 10 cm. It also provides a navigation module that guides the person or worker to the selected indoor destination point, where the GPS detects no signal.

Small size location issuing device.
High accuracy location
High accuracy location with Ultra Wide Band technology.
Route analysis and staying times by areas.
Motion patterns
Location and tracking of elements that help identify motion patterns.
Customer systems

Possible integration with customer systems.
Indoor navigation
Indoor navigation system through mobile devices.



It allows to locate goods in logistics. Itinerary visualization to be carried out.

  • Real-time tracking of goods and people.
  • Analysis of motion flows.
  • Processes optimization and costs reduction.
  • Indoor navigation assistance system.
  • Alert system for Occupational Risk Prevention and security.



Itineraries tracking made by the clients for the identification of usual routes, hot and cold areas within the retail area.

  • Trolleys and shopping baskets tracking.
  • Data collection without customer interaction.
  • Identification of consumer preferences.
  • Analysis of routes and staying time in zones.
  • Possible integration with loyalty cards.
edificios y terminales

Buildings and terminals

Guide your users or visitors to their destinations and launch security alerts when accessing unauthorized locations.

  • Luggage trolleys tracking.
  • Security alerts launching.
  • How to arrive.
  • People with Reduced Mobility monitoring.
  • Contextualized information sending.

How does it work

Receptores (anclas) en la superfície


Place the receivers (anchors) along the surface to be covered.

Devices size: 7-9 cm x 5 cm x 1.5 cm.

Operario con transmisor, cajas con Tag


The person or good to be located needs to carry an issuer (TAG) that is responsible for transmitting its position.

Sistema completo Batto


The system collects all the location information and sends it to the BATTO IPS server that is responsible for managing all the information generated so that it can be consulted through the web platform or the mobile application.


Error range


5-20 m


5-15 m


1-5 m

Batto IPS

0-10 cm


Information collection and analysis

Location and Tracking

Indoor location and tracking system using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.

Business Intelligence

Analysis of the data obtained to obtain motion patterns.


Heat maps

mapas de calor

Staying times by areas

Permanencia en zonas

Motion flows



Deusto Sistemas

Batto IPS has been developed by Deusto Sistemas and DS LABS.

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